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Just remember, Good Baron of mine....they wlll have to get through the War
Company to get to you...

Avery (who is getting more and more experience at being a human shield)

>So why do I feel like I'm going to have a big ol' target on my chest come
>March? :-)
>"Me? Pendaran? No, I'm not Pendaran. You're looking for a big heavy guy.
>Shoot, he outweighs me by a good 75 pounds. Plus he's really loud. I'm just
>quiet and shy and like to mind my own business. Let me know if you find
>Good luck!"
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>In my capacity of Hospitaler for our Great Kingdom of Ansteorra, a
>mysterious missive was delivered to my hands.  It was explained to me
>that the Inspiring Words of own Sir Pendaran, speaking of the
>now-almost-inevitable war to be waged between our Kingdoms, were spread
>far and wide thoughout Trimaran lands. Although it seems they admired
>his poetry and style, they did have a problem or two with the content
>(included at bottom).  From the swamp, bubbled the following response...
>  Isobel Hadleigh
>O' Brothers! O' Sisters! We have been laid low by words! Wounded I say!
>Wronged I say! I have mused over this fair knight's words and found them
>be much honey'd venom.
>      He has a serpant's, tongue, O' yes, he does beguile, but let us not
>listen to such a villainous hissing. This noble knight praises
>most rightly as any true citizen of any kingdom would. But he waylays us
>most foully. He claims of us envy toward his lands; and rightly would
>man do for his own kingdom. Yet and still he speaks against our noble
>and presents forth their own as mighty and brave. Uncooth untruth! I say
>these words shall not go ignored!
>      Let us study these words, O' Brothers, O' Sisters. Let us espie
>our own little eyes the plain truth behind this fiction. For I have seen
>mighty Ansteorran plain. True enough it is a vast and flat
>filled with acres and acres of...acres and acres. As for her vast
>herds...well, I shall leave that to my low brow brothers to make a
>comparison that fits...
>      Our noble foe praises Ansteorra's great forests. Her pine forests
>but scrub wood; shrubberies really. (Nice ones tho'.)
>      I have traveled through the great wastes of the Outlands. A
>desolation fairly squirming with a scaley reptile or two. One wonders at
>they remember their names in a desert so plain.
>      I have fought against the might of the the Calontiri. A greater
>army of
>falstaffian trolls with shields and liliputian trollops there has never
>been. So fleet are their feet that we barely see them move as we, Great
>Trimaris, have flanked them time and again.
>      And for this, the good sir knight would call US the green monster,
>      And how does he bespeak of Noble Trimaris? How does he call our
>land beset among azures seas? This foul cattle baron (No offence, gentle
>Simon.) wounds us and calls our graet land 'low and swampy'. Low and
>Nay! Gently rolling, with crystaline cool springs and softly flowing
>Ah! And the argent lakes that reflect our beautful lands to the heavens.
>      And we have the grace of the sun like few other kingdoms. Where the
>in His glory broils the Ansteorrans, He shines warm and pleasent upon
>Timaris. Our Zephyrs gently waft from our great seas. Cool by day, warm
>night. Such gentle breezes keep the dry dusty plains far from here.
>      Scaley reptiles he bespeaks? No! Dogs of war that protect our
>from creeping enemies. Winged parasites? Tosh! The noble blood hawk
>but a scratch! Perhaps this great and brave night fears the wee wing'd
>      And of what other wealth did this noble sir speak? Bards and poets
>the like? To craft tales and song that rejoices in the deeds of their
>Alas! But I have heard the lamentations of their noble voiced vultures.
>sing much of tears in their ale and how their ladies, their noble
>and even their own faithful hounds have sorely treated them.
>      Of their fair craftsmen, I cannot say...but all of their wares say
>hocho fair cathay".
>      No, Friends, Brothers, Sisters. It is not we who's eyes are vert.
>It is
>not we who rattle sabres and claim the enemy is desirous. No. We are a
>peacable lot; yet we must defend our selves. We must gather and support
>allies, Meridies and the Middle Kingdom.
>      I have lived long in Meridies and come to love her noble people.
>lands are as beautiful as any I've seen out side of Trimaris. I thank
>for their Loyalty to our cause. I swear that my blade shall defend them
>as I
>defend great Trimaris. Lets us gather together at the fray and many a
>shall we slay.
>      I have fought along side the Middle Kingdom in their great wars. I
>found them to be strong and noble allies. To them, also, I say I shall
>forth on the feild with them against the Ansteorran foe.
>      As we have seen the enemy has begun swaying their braying folk to
>a stampede. That great herd will overwealm us unless we act! We must
>the host upon the feilds far from our own lands that valiant Trimaris
>not be
>sullied by their dusty horde. We must all rise up as we have seen our
>in their preparations. We must go forth for Noble Trimaris! VIVAT!
>      In service to the Dream, and great Trimaris
>           Mark Duh Red, Clan Dunncan
>Sir Pendaran's Original Missive...
>Greetings Unto all Good and Gentle Subjects of the Crown of Ansteorra,
> >
> >     As a knight in service to my Crown, as a baron in fief who has
> >to
> >protect the lands I hold from my King and Queen, and as an officer of
> >in
> >the Army of Heroes, it is my sad and solemn duty to inform each and
> >Ansteorran of the fires of war being lit in the East. Dread Trimaris
> >again raises her war like visage and in bitter envy espies the wealth
> >goodness of Ansteorra. It is well known that Trimaris is a low and
> >place inhabited by scaly reptiles and winged parasites. Those poor folk
> >by dent of ill luck have been born into these lands have heard tale of
> >riches of Ansteorra. Long have the heard the tales of our mighty pine
> >forests, of the unending prairies where we do graze our vast herds, of
> >mountains that adorn our land and of the many other wondrous gifts we
> >enjoy in abundance. Therefore does envious Trimaris, like a hydra, rise
> >once
> >again even more powerful than before and turn her head westward to war.
> >
> >     For she is more like the hydra of myth than you know, dear
> >Know that through cunning and guile, has Trimaris persuaded Meridies to
> >wholly join her in dread war. Thus has she grown more powerful.  In
> >past, when the Lion did grapple with the serpent, Meridies split her
> >between the two warring parties - but this is not to be come spring.
> >this
> >year, all of Merdies, a host huge in number, shall fight against the
> >Ansteorran Lion. Know you also that the other great serpent, the dragon
> >from
> >the Middle Kingdom has found her like and has also sided with her low
> >dwelling cousin and does fight for Trimaris. Great will be the enemy in
> >number and in fierceness.
> >
> >     While we can still count upon the support of our right good and
> >allies of Outlands and Calontir, we face great odds, Ansteorra. The
> >from the Outlands have a very great journey and a war close to their
> >home. Therefore are their numbers are likely to be small. And while the
> >Calontiri have always stood beside us, their wall unbreaking and their
> >spears
> >like an ash forest, we cannot depend on our stout brothers to fight for
> >No, Ansteorra, we must once again take the field when Mars stalks the
> >southern lands. We must field a great and terrible army to turn back
> >eastern tide.
> >
> >     Our right good and royal King, bold Aaron has held council with
> >great general Duke Kein, and has determined that this fight shall not
> >place on Ansteorran soil. We must stem the tide of war before it
> >our
> >beloved land. Therefore you men and women of Ansteorra, the fight does
> >to us. King Aaron and Queen Britta call us, we must raise the host!
> >your households and your servants, burnish the spear and sharpen the
> >rapier,
> >gather your stores and load the wagons for your duty is clear. Strength
> >arms alone will not win this war - great service and sacrifice from all
> >will
> >be needed! For every broadsword and rapier, there must be three men and
> >woman
> >giving of their time and service to make their way possible. That is
> >war
> >is won. Let also the bards, the poets and the troubadours gather so the
> >feats
> >of the heroes will be recorded. Let our artists come forth with
> >and
> >things of beauty to inspire the army, and to remind Trimaris of that
> >they covet, but may not have.
> >
> >     I have come to warn you, great and mighty Ansteorra, of the task
> >is
> >before you. A host with warriors as numerous as the stars comes forth
> >conquer our fair land. I beg you all, when the Crown calls forth Their
> >host,
> >do not wait an instant to join in that number. For if you do, great
>will be
> >your sorrow when the storied heroes return all draped in glory and in
> >For such is the lot of heroes.
> >
> >     I remain in service to my Crown, my Kingdom and my God,
> >     Pendaran, Lord Bryn Gwlad
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