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Darius and Monica dmriney at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 25 09:37:03 PST 2002

 > So why do I feel like I'm going to have a big ol' target on my chest come
> March? :-)
> Pendaran

Your Excellency Pendaren, mighty knight of Ansteorra. I would that I myself
should bear such a target upon my breast, but in faith oh noble Sir, we need
not heed the narcissistic rambling of one who's very sanity has been placed
upon the rack by the fevers that seep forth from the malodorous air of the

One, who has dwelt so long in these lands where in a "lake" is as much as we
would call a puddle, could no more know of the mighty stands of tree's that
line the roads to Stargate  than know that his _dogs of war_ are not but
tiny pups when compared to the hounds with which our children play.

His ramblings of our wondrous plains and wealth of cattle, which you did so
justly praise.  It is true he would make no comparison for no comparison can
be made when one could walk from Keep to River on the backs of our beast and
never set a foot to earth. But how could he understand such wealth when he
lives in a land where a _mouse_ is prized as highly as a 100 full grown
bulls upon the plain

Truly, we must now look towards the edges of our swords and the straps upon
our armor. For now more than ever we must think to free the lands of this
Trimarin plague. Let Trimaris and her allies boast in their jealous rage of
their craftsmen who must to foreign shores to learn a basic trade, whilst
our worthy artist toil long at night to show the glory that is the spirit of

Let us stand long watch upon the practice yard even as the bards and poets
remind us of the virtue inherent in our blood. For of a line of heroes can
come only legends. Legends that, in days to come, shall be used to frighten
the children of Trimaris to their beds.

It is meet that we should look with eyes of steel upon the army that shall
be soon arrayed to march, so let them look upon our ranks and understand the
might of our warriors. Let us call forth the armies to march against them
and let them feel the very earth beneath their feet begin to tremble at our
might. Let their host be deafened by the Lion and the Falcon of Calontir
joining their voices in the song of battle. Let Trimaris quake within their
hearts at the silent deadly grace of the Outlands Stag as her legions join
us on the field.

It is true, none could stand against such a force when in its righteous
wrath it does loose itself upon the field of war. So when this mighty host
does set itself upon the plain of battle the light in Trimaris shall be
eclipsed by the mighty Ansteorran Star. Let this kingdom to the east, so
proud of its three great seas then know that a fourth sea now engulfs them.
A sea of Heroes.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom
Darius of the Bells, OL

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