[Ansteorra] Re: Branch Champions responsibilities and privileges

Elizabeta of Rundel rundel_seneschal at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 14:51:00 PST 2002

Well, I could be wrong here, although much has gotten
lost, misplaced or confused over the past few years
with all the changes in our group.  We are only a
smalll Canton, although we are growing rapidly, and
our 1 event a year is Margrave.  We try to give both
good pass down and step down prizes to our Margrave
and Vormund, and my understanding is that in return,
the winners of those two contests are requested to
assist us with one fighter/NR war practice each month.
 I could be wrong on the frequency here, but I do know
that the request is that the winners do assists us
with practices if there is an interest for rapier
and/or fighting in the group.  I believe the same is
requested of the Bardic and A&S winners, although that
is not quite as clear.  Also, typically, the winner of
the previous year's contest (Margrave, Vormund,
Bardic, or A&S and possibly next year the brewing)
runs that year's contest, although times and such do
need to be coordinated with the Event Steward.

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Elizabeta
Seneschal of Rundel
Minister of Children for Margrave/Vormund

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