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Maleah maleah at mmcable.com
Thu Jan 24 16:08:23 PST 2002

There has been a recurring theme here about the champions (by whatever name
they are called) helping to run the tournaments for the next year and that
is true here in Namron as well. This holds true for the Equestrian, A&S and
Bardic. We ask our fighting champions to choose weapons variations for our
traditional Swiss Five tourney format and offer their consorts the
opportunity to help our Listmistress run the list (this is not required but
is offered). We ask that our Protector and Rapier Champions teach our
fighters and lead them in war as they are able. The Bard, Equestrian and A&S
Champions are asked to teach their skills to our Barony when they are able
to be here but no hard and fast rules have been set as to number of times or

We have pass down regalia which stays with the office and give personal
gifts to our retiring Champions which vary from year to year.

When Don Modius could not be here due to the distance between us he asked
Lord Matthias (whom he had to defeat for the title) to stand in his place.
Hawkins always made me feel like I was gold, which to a new Baroness meant
more than I can tell you. Count Gunthar and Sir Asoph never failed to let us
know in multiple ways and many times over that we were special in their
eyes. In my short tenure as Baroness I've only had three Rapier Champions
and 3 Protectors, but upon winning they became a part of this Barony and its
history. Each has been special to me personally because of what they came to
mean during their tenure. It was no one thing that stands out but the small
things that mattered, standing behind me at far events or escorting me into
court or just the hug and kind words whenever we met. What no one has told
you so far is how much these champions can come to mean to the Nobles of the
group or how hard it would be when the time comes to let them go. I can
sympathize with the Queen when it is time to release her champion, call me a
sap but I cried, one of the hardest things I've ever done. I have been
teased unmercifully for claiming Earl Alaric before the world at Coronation
but that's how Namron sees her Champions, the best of the best and proud to
claim them so. Nothing makes me sadder than to see a Champion who treats his
title as just another notch on the way to whichever peerage they may be
striving for. They miss out on so much. The friendship and closeness of an
entire group that could have been theirs for a minimal amount of effort.
Luckily, most are cut from a different cloth and this the exception rather
than the rule.

We feed our Protector and Rapier Champions and their Consorts free at every
Protectorate at the feast and an omelet breakfast Sunday mornings. This is
what the group decided on years ago and is still continued today. Because of
the rules for fees of the site we had been traditionally using free site fee
was not offered but that may change in the future. It's something we have
been talking about as an option but hasn't been decided yet.

Ulf and I along with our Barony are still defining what we would like to see
from our champions. It will change over time as we become more comfortable
in our role as Baron and Baroness and will be different with our
successors.That's the nature of the beast.  No matter what role each Barony
assigns to them, the champions add so much to the pageantry of the game. I
will never forget the small kindnesses that have been offered by those that
have come and look forward to those that shall come.

Baroness of Namron

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