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Gassion de Beaumarchais, you could never put your foot
in your mouth! *grin*

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> responsibilities and privileges
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> This has been a great discussion so far. But I still
> haven't got a clue what
> a champion is expected to be responsible for. The
> easy answer is to just say
> that responsibilities vary from one Championship to
> the next. This makes for
> an easy answer but difficult to express to in terms
> that a Teacher would
> instruct to a student. After all that is what
> Knights do for their Squires,
> Dons do for Cadets, and other Peers do for their
> apprentices. Since I'm new
> to the SCA, I'll just have to hope that these duties
> are more defined in the
> future. Perhaps someone will elect to take this
> discussion to a higher level
> and set out clear, fair, and honorable rites,
> duties, and responsibilities
> for Ansteorran Champions. Then this could be passed
> on from Master to
> Student as part of the education one may get in the
> SCA. For now I'll be
> happy to go experience the awe... and try not to
> step into my gapping mouth.
> Gassion de Beaumarchais

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