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Mon Jan 21 08:22:11 PST 2002

Just a little FYI.

Madelina de Lyndesaye

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> Can't help specifically with the St. Bernard's, but my
> suggestion would be
> to call the AKC, and get in touch with their breed
> representative.  That's
> what we did, when we decided we wanted a basenji to keep
> Neith company after
> Molly died.  That way, they should get a reputable breeder,
> instead of a
> puppy mill puppy, and they should get an idea of the
> personality and health
> of the parents, too.  If adopting an older dog isn't out of
> the question,
> they might check on a St. Bernard rescue society.  I think
> almost every
> breed has one, because there are always people who think they
> want a certain
> breed, and then find out that it isn't for them, so they dump
> the dog.  As
> for the coursing basenjis, do they want a breeder?  There is
> a breeder in
> Waxahachie that specializes in coursers, but the current
> "Basenji" magazine
> that I have doesn't have their ad this time around.  Best bet
> might be for
> the person wanting the info to go to www.thebasenji.com.
> That's the website
> for the magazine, and they might have some info there.  I do
> know that Fizz
> and Cu's mother is a retired champion courser, and basenjis
> do seem to enjoy
> doing it, but they take a lot of patience, from what I've
> heard.  They're
> sight hounds, so they don't work on smells as much as they do
> movement, and
> they have minds of their own, which means pleasing the owner
> doesn't always
> come into the picture.  Hope that helps.  Heather

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