[Ansteorra] Vivat To The Shire Of Seawinds

Lady Simone ui' Dunlaingh simone at elfsea.net
Mon Jan 21 00:55:42 PST 2002

Greetings and Salutations,

It was a great Privilege to be able to Attend the Siege of the Abby in the
Shire of Seawinds this weekend.

Though this was the Last Siege of the Abby the Atmosphere of the event was
one of camaraderie, unity, and hospitality. Those arriving at site Friday
evening were greeted by warm faces and the Hospitality of Seawinds. their

Hospitaler has a tent set up to offer those arriving on site snacks and
coffee and drinks which was extremely welcome after a long drive by many.

By the beginning of the melee battles 75 fighters 2 archers and one Ballista
had been inspected for the fighting activity by the time of the Arroys
battle another 20+ fighters had joined the Melees. after the melee battles
many of the fighter continued with pickup fights until feast.

Due to the fact that my time was spent assisting with marshaling duties I
can not report on the Rapier and Equestrian from which I heard was also a
grand success.

Seawinds put on a wonderful feast and those enjoying feast were entertained
by an ensemble of musicians  and individual Bards who gladly performed for
the enjoyment of the Populace.

feast and court were followed by revelry and enjoyment by all. House Amazon
provided several fund raising activates that were a joy to behold.

The Shire of Seawinds put on a wonderful event.  Their populace was
wonderfully courteous and helpful. The populace of Ansteorra that attended
continued to enhance the feeling of unity in their actions and their deed.

Vivat to Seawinds for a wonderful event

Lady Simone Maurian ui' Dunlaingh
simone at elfsea.net

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