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  Thanks to Sir Ulsted for this info.

HL Gilli is also bringing his Arrow Making Factory to Border Wars the very
next weekend.  Feb 15-18 http://lindenwood.ansteorra.org/borderwars/[1]  So if
you like to shoot and have not had time to make or build arrows, here are 2
oportunities to get it done in time for war.

One more thing.  This is from HL Gilli. " In addition to helping folks get
their arrows done, I have ALOT of wood arrows that didn't get finished from
last year.  I don't know exactly how many, 600 - 800 give or take.  All of
them require having the warheads put on and adding the APD.  How ever many of
them we can get put together that weekend, you all can take with you to the
war.  And here's the best part, you all can keep them after that too!!  And by
"you" I mean the folks, households, whatever that helped finish them off."  So
next time you see him, please thank him for his generous donation.

 Here it is:
1/4" fiberglass rod
nocks or overnocks (nocks require a taper, overnocks do not)
glue for nocks (I use fletchtite)
golf tube, cut to 1 1/4" cyllinders (or with a 45 degree taper on the front
edge, depending on design used)
strapping tape to attach APD, head
electrical tape (or more strapping tape) for the body of the arrow (1"
electrical tape is ideal - only 1 seam)
1 1/4" UHMW rod (call a local plastics supplier), cut to 1" (I used 1 1/2" and
tapered one end) disks, center drilled 1/2"
1/2" closed cell foam (most commonly camp pads), cut into 1 1/4" disks (find a
pipe or tube of metal with 1 1/4" ID and sharpen the end with a grinder)
household glue to secure the UHWM (dries flexible is prefered)

That's it for materials.

Here's some links to construction:

http://www.hawkshaven.com/sca/archery/apd/gtapd.html[2] (DO NOT USE CAULK -
this design is approved with strapping tape replacing the caulk)

http://Middleford.ansteorra.org/APD_Construction.htm[3] (This uses an angled
cut APD)

In Service,


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  1. http://lindenwood.ansteorra.org/borderwars/
  4. http://go.msn.com/bql/hmtag_etl_EN.asp

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