[Ansteorra] Lost camera?

Jesus Cavazos toshirokoi at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 24 12:18:00 PST 2002

My Lords and Ladies,
This past weekend at Bonwicke's 12th night, a lady misplaced her camera or
her film.
During court, the lady took several pictures. She put her camera on a table
to video taped for a couple on minutes. She then returned to her camera and
took another picture. When she returned home, she discovered there was only
one picture taken. The counter was at one. It is an Advantage camera so it's
very improbable she made a mistake loading the film. She has looked in all
her bags, in case she changed canisters and didn't remember, but has found
So, if you found an exposed Advantage film canister, or your Advantage
camera has more exposures than you remember, please let me know.
Thank you.

HL Toshiro Koi

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