[Ansteorra] Even More FUNd Raising at BLAT!...

tgnst at postoffice.swbell.net tgnst at postoffice.swbell.net
Wed Jan 30 12:37:18 PST 2002

There's going to be a raffle at BLAT! All proceeds go to the Kingdom!
Many fine handcrafted and other desirable items have already been
donated, but We will gladly accept more--more items, more FUN! We'll
draw for choice until all items are gone! We'd like all items to be
tagged with maker/donar information, sometimes who made it or had it
means more than what the items are, ;-)! Look for us Saturday, hopefully
in the nice warm hall...Don't forget your purse! Come BLAT with us, it's
gonna be FUN...

Ms 'Stacia, organizer :-)

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