[Ansteorra] Attn: ALL ARTISANS! TRF Is Here...

Alisstassia alisstassia at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 3 17:49:03 PDT 2002

Attn: All Artisans!

Greetings from your humble TRF A&S Coordinator.

Your presence is requested in the SCA compound at Texas Renaissance
Festival's 2002 season to show off your handiwork for all to see. Encourage
new comers to get involved in the Arts, Show how people of the middle ages
created things, Let the World know what wonders we can create in the SCA.
Now is your chance!

Remember complimentary passes are provided in exchange for 3 hours of A&S
"work" each day attended. (Please be certain to sign in with me or my
representative upon arriving at TRF so you will receive credit for working.)
You are invited to participate during your Barony/Shire/Canton's weekend or
Any weekend!

Below is a list of known group weekends:

Barony of Stargate is hosting the first weekend: Oct. 5-6
Barony of Loch Soilleir is hosting the second weekend: Oct. 12-13
Barony of Bordermarch is hosting the third weekend: Oct. 19-20
Canton of Gate's Edge is hosting the fourth weekend: Oct. 26-27

The three weekends in November are hosted by all of Ansteorra :-)  (Unknown
which groups have which weekends at this time.)
Nov. 2-3
Nov. 9-10 &
Nov. 16-17

This festival located in Grimes County between Magnolia and Plantersville,
is probably the largest demo opportunity for the SCA in the knowne world.
Over 400,000 folks attend each year to watch shows, shop, and revel in the
current middle ages.  This is also a wonderful time to show what the SCA is
about, and draw new players and/or members. (Ldy Seren)

If you have any questions or would like to participate, please contact me at
281-259-2438 or alisstassia at yahoo.com.

In Service,

Lady Alisstassia del Balzo
Minister of Arts and Sciences
Canton of Gates Edge
alisstassia at yahoo.com

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