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Dear Erasmus,

   White linen is period, and pre period...back to ancient times.  They
bleached the linen in the sun.  If you use chorine bleach on linen or silk
it will turn it yellow.
For the history of linen see: http://peggynickles.com/historyoflinen.html
or at : http://my-scarf.com/Info/The%20Yarns/Linen/Linen%20History.htm
see an sample of  Egyptian Linen 1st Dynasty at :

So far the best price I've found for linen has been in Dallas at the fabric
stores on Perth and Harry Hines.  I found linen for $2-$4 a yard.  But when
I was there last week they didn't have any white.  I usually wait to JoAnne
Fabrics has a sale, or a 50% off coupon.  I have even found a
linen/silk  blend at Joanne on clearance, take an additional % off - it
came to $1.67 a yard. The best time for clearance priced linen is the fall.
The best selection is the spring. I have an e mail address for linen from
Yugoslavia, but to make it worth while (postage) you need a very large order.


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>When you see white shirts in late period documentation, are they white as we
>know it (bleached) or are they more like what we refer to as "natural" linen
>Also, does anybody have any good linen sources these days?
>-Ritter Erasmus
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