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Fri Oct 18 09:49:15 PDT 2002

For those flying, who haven't done it before:

Cheap airfares often happen on Southwest; American can be OK.  Keep
watching, and if there is a fare sale, often people post.  Right now, there
is a fare sale (book by midnight of the 21st which is Monday) that I think
goes into February, but it might stop short of Estrella dates.  I have to
go to Phoenix in November, and the highest fare I am getting - WITHOUT a
Saturday night stay - is $224.00 roundtrip.  Remember that Estrella is
usually on a holiday weekend, which can affect when the good airfares
happen; you might have to come back on Sunday, you might do better staying
over to Monday if your employer recognizes the holiday.

For information:  www.estrellawar.org
Pre-Registration:  http://www.estrellawar.org/registration/pre-reg/index.htm
Deadline for the discount on early registration is Hallowe'en.

If you fly, Sky Harbour is pretty easy trip to and from site.  You have
these options for travel:

1)  Public vehicle (van or taxi) - sometimes they have an agreement
    with one of the carriers, more often not.  Be sure to take the
    instructions and map with you, as the driver may or may not have
    any idea where you are talking about going.

2)  Have friends meet you at the airport.  Be sure THEY know how to
    find the airport from site!  Exchange cellphone numbers in case
    of problems (I was deserted at Pennsic this year, had to sleep
    in the airport overnight, because the people who were supposed
    to meet me there, didn't).

3)  Rent a vehicle, not a bad thing if a bunch of you are arriving at
    the same time.  It has the advantage that you have a way to get
    offsite to run errands without having to beg for someone to help.

I've been to Estrella at both sites.  Last year there were maybe a dozen
Ansteorrans camped together, I think all but two of us were fighting, and
we made a point of ALL going to court and doting on Their Majesties - most
other Kingdoms had a token appearance if anything, and only those who were
getting awards or true court afficionados remained behind.

And then there was the "Viking Bayeaux Tapestry," unfortunately something
that probably cannot be done at the new site......

                                   ---= Morgan

"Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires,
a touch that never hurts."            ---= Charles Dickens

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