[Ansteorra] Hunters Moon and Archers Revel

Margaret Risher simone at elfsea.net
Tue Oct 22 08:30:56 PDT 2002

The Shire of Emerald Keep
Hunters Moon and Archers Revel

Greetings  unto the populace of our fair Kingdom of Ansteorra.  We the
members of the Shire of Emerald keep invite you all to attend Hunters
moon and Archers revel. To celebrate the glory that is Ansteorra, Honor
those men and women of skill with bow and crossbow , who make up the
Archers of our fair kingdom, as well as prepare for war.

For the Artisans of our Kingdom there are several A&S activities. A
children's A&S, a first attempt competition, an experienced artisan
competition, because of the revelry of the season there is a seasonal
arts competition and a Table decorating competition.

For the Cooks of our fair Kingdom there is a cooking and a desert
competition, refrigeration is available for entrees. All entry's must be
in by 11:30 am Saturday to be judged at lunch  by the populace. There
will be a brewing completion Saturday Night.

Other activities include a banner competition, Heraldic clothing
competition, a challenge completion, Scribes and Heralds Tables, and
children's activities.

In the area of Martial Activities there will be a Swiss 5 chivalric and
a Swiss 5 rapier tourney, Archery Shoots, Live Steal throws,  and
candlelight tourney on Saturday.  Newcomers tourney and War Practices on

There will be plenty of food at this event. Breakfast will be served
both Saturday and Sunday morning. Feast will be a traditional Gilli feast.

Merchants are welcome.

                  Site fee        Feast Fee       Breakfast fee
Adult             $6.00           $6.00           $3.00
Children 6-12     $3.00           $3.00           $1.00
Children under 6  Free            Free            Free
Family Cap        $20.00          N/A             N/A

For More Information visit our Website at

or the shorter redirect link

Hope to See you all Soon

Lady Simone

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