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Greetings to All Good People of the Kingdom of the Ansteorra!

I seek your help from those who fought in the war between the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the Kingdom of the West many years ago in the summer of 1983 in San Angelo, Texas, the time when I once lived in Ansteorra.

My quest, you ask?  I wish to find a certain knight who, on the day of the war between the two kingdoms, asked for the honor of carrying my favor into battle.  I gave this knight my father's cross to wear to keep him safe.  He fought for the Kingdom of the West that glorious day.  After the war had ended, as he and I wondered through the encampment a man with a magic instrument asked to take our likeness but alas he could only take one, and my Knight asked to keep it to remember me by.

I cannot recall his name but the ladies that day gave him the title of "The Black Knight" as he wore armour as black as the night and in his helm he wore a purple plume.

It was I who was honored that day by this kind and gentle knight, but alas I had to leave that night and I never had the chance to thank my Black Knight for honoring me as he did.  I searched the encampment but to no avail, it was as though he were a ghost.  My dearest friend has assured me many times over the years that he was quite real.  I cannot explain why after all of this time I wish to find him, but of late he haunts my thoughts and dreams and I know that I must find him before I leave this world to thank him for his kindness and chivalry.  I wish for nothing more than to simply say "Thank you!"

If you know of whom I speak and can help me in my quest, I shall be forever in your debt.

Lady Alicia FitzHugh of Ravensworth, Kingdom of AnTir

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