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I was talking with my postman and he said that having a postman just stash
all the mail at his house, take the checks, and take a few days off until he
was caught was not necessarily a one time thing. Had happened with others,

When I lived in NM, packages weren't being sent from California. Our
postmaster took his personal vacation and went to the source city of the
bottleneck and must have rattled some major chains with his discoveries in
Bakersfield. We never lacked for packages again.

On the other hand, I have stopped addressing personal mail in calligraphy.
Seems there was a worker on the midnight shift in Roswell, NM whom everyone
knew liked to look at calligraphed envelopes, so the day shift would hold
the mail overnight so he could look at the incoming and outgoing "fancy

Just my personal experiences...

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> The problem is not just Blackstars or bulk mail.  For over a month now we
> haven't been getting our unemployement checks.  Texas Workforce Commision
> says that they have been sent but they never arrive.  I complained to the
> Post Office and they said that TWC is probably lying about sending them and
> it isn't the USPS's problem.  Isn't wonderful how they "deliver for us".
> Thora
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