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Jeff Cargill caedmon_l at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 1 05:43:37 PST 2003

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            I am Caedmon ( Jeff Cargill).  I am the new Southern Regional Youth Boffer Marshal.  I am contacting the different groups within the region and across Ansteorra in an attempt to determine the amount of interest and maybe peak some additional interest in youth combat.

            I would like to come and visit with each group within the Southern Region ( I will also travel to other regions if need be.).  If you would let me know when would be the best time i.e.  Fighter Practice or populace meeting, or even a one on one meeting, date and time.

 I will travel to talk with any who are interested in Boffer/Youth Combat.  Even if there is only one child/parent team interested.  I can assist in armor and weapon building.  I will authorize Marshals and fighters.

Please let me know when the best time to visit would be.  Also, if you have people in mind that may be interested in being your groups Boffer Marshal.

I am looking forward to this sport growing across Ansteorra.



            Jeff Cargill

            1227 West County Rd. E

            Lexington, Tx. 78947

            Phone # 512-273-2957

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