[Ansteorra] E-Migration

David A. Salyer alexravenshaw at prodigy.net
Thu Apr 10 19:59:32 PDT 2003

Laura Betenbaugh wrote:

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> Sorry for the bandwith, but on short notice, this seemed the fastest way to reach everyone.
> Greetings,
>   Lady Michelle Fraser,(mka MichelleBetenbaugh) and her lord husband Kenney Arocha would like to invite her SCA family to a celebration of the impending birth of Adriel Daemon Arocha. Your presence is requested, presents optional.
> When: Sunday April 13, 2003  2:30-?
> Where: Slick Willie's Pool Hall 11852 Wilcrest Houston TX 281-564-3323.

Greetings from Alina:

Are you sure that a pool hall is good place for an expecting mother with all that smoke and beer?


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