[Ansteorra] Youth Boffer questions.

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If you can find funoodle at the stores now use that, otherwise I would use
volara foam and build it up. Other foams that you can use are the camp bed

Some have used headliner foam but you have to use a lot of it to get the
safety level you need.

Here is a pdf on constructing a weapon. Apply the requirements that we have
to it but the instructions for putting one together are very good. Sword
http://amtgard.com:8080/how2swrd.pdf and a hand guard

Are there any for sca boffers out there that conform to the youth combat

Kingdom Vscribe, Ansteorra
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> A couple of questions abotu the youngest level of boffer, youth.
> I made a sword out of a golf tube and a piece of pipe insulation as i have
> seen running around fighter practice, but upon measuring
> the padding was only 3/8' nto 1/2' as the rules say... Whats' the best way
> to address this, build it up with foam, buy a different kind of
> insulation? Another answer all together?
> Also I'm putting together a gorget, but the hockey hemlet we bought does
> cover the back of the neck very well, a standard gorget woudl leave a gap.
> I assume contiguous protection is required, what's the standard answer for
> this problem.
> Thanks,
> Caladin-
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