[Ansteorra] Rising Star of Ansteorra

Chass Brown chass at cox.net
Thu May 1 21:51:52 PDT 2003

Alas I thought mayhaps they made it a little easier for children to get it.
Knowing how many times my son has been put in for it, and how much he has
contributed, to never actually recieve it.

Chass of Rundel (The CANTON will never die)

>        We have long had an Award called the Rising Star to recognize
> who make a contributuion to our Kingdom.  The name ran into difficulties
> we tried to to register it with the College of Heralds.  We have been
> out this award for quite a while and faced the prospect of havincg to
> the name of the award.  However with much hard work the name has finaly
> registered.
> Robert
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