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Ron Blackman eirik at hot.rr.com
Fri May 2 07:11:44 PDT 2003

> > Hola!
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> > Please ecuse my ignorance, but what precisely does this mean?
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> > Maria

While Robert's explanation is correct, I'd like to expound a little.
Basically, Copora requires that Kingdom awards be ratified by the Laurel,
King of Arms office. This is usually done by submitting the name and badge
through the normal heraldic process. At the first time the award name was
considered, a paper on research into period award names and order names had
just been published which changed how the College of Arms (Corporate level)
looked at the documentation and formation of these names. This caused the
name to be originally returned, resubmitted and registered by Laurel in the
January 2003 letter which was just published last week.

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