[Ansteorra] Feast Reservation Manners

charles netterville cnetterville at ih2000.net
Mon May 5 17:47:40 PDT 2003

I don't think many will yell back at a suggestion like that one... There
have been many feasts that I've paid for and had to leave early, there was a
shortage of servers and I opted to serve rather than eat, or just paid for
feast while having no intention of eating it. This is a donation to the
sponsoring group and helps to bolster their coffers, much as many do with
us. Without the teamwork among all of our groups, none of what we all enjoy
so much would ever be possible. Gilli, you make it possible for me to play.
And I you... I do think that a lot of this comes down to a last minute
change of plans, the phone ringing as you're walking out the door and it's
the office. Am I the only one this happens to?  I didn't think so. Or the
cursory overview of the almighty checkbook only to find that there was that
one last anomalous bill that somehow got neglected and as such precluding
our abilities to play this weekend, but you get the idea.  Alright, I've
defended your stance and defended the general populace. Now as for the
deadbeats Gilli was REALLY aiming this towards, Get on the ball people!!!!
Sorry, couldn't resist it... In rare form tonight, and in joyful service as
always I remain,  In servitiae Christe et coronae, Elrique of Bordermarch

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> Greetings and Hi There,
> The recent Crown feast brought to my mind a sad state that is far to
> within this GREAT Kingdom of Heroes of ours.
> OK Gilli, what are you going to upset us about now? you say?  Feast
> reservations is my answer.  Now I do fully understand that last minuet
> can happen that makes one change their event feasting plans.   While
> carrying  a good chunk of the kitchen equipment for this Crown kitchen, I
> was fully expecting to break down somewhere along the way.  Luckily, my
> and I made it.  This has not always been our good fortune.
> However, barring some sort of catastorphe, if one, prior to the event
> decides not to feast, they should let the feast folks know about it.
> Folks are costing this Kingdom and it's various groups THOUSANDS of
> a year because they don't cancell their reservation.
> Food that is bought because of reservations cost, that mondane thing
> MONEY.  At a large event, that can be a significant amount.
> When an event is sold out, most other folks will make alternate eating
> plans.  Then, when those reversations don't show up, lost of money is
> All I'm saying is that, if, possible inform the feastocrat.  If not, pay
> your contractual agreement for the feast.
> OK, yell back all you want.
> Gilli
> Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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