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Did anyone think of announcing the sale of the extra feast tokens at the
feast hall door during the event? That way some people could have made other
Just checking ....
Ldy Susannah
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I know I for one would have loved to be there to eat feast. Yes I did make
reservations. A lot of them. I know some of them were there. I didn't make
it, my lord didn't make it, at least three other people I made reservations
for didn't make it. It's not because we didn't want to. My lord got a job
out of town and started at the last minute. That was totally unexpected. I
and one other person were planning on riding with him ... hence, no ride.
That was very last minute and I tried to find a ride even into Saturday
morning. Everyone had already left. One other had his lady come into town
from out of kingdom and needed to spend time with her. The other needed
something mundanely important to go and could not find it. Last minute
circumstances. By the time we knew we weren't coming, it was too late to
cancel our reservations. If it was just a "Hmmmm ... *sigh* I don't feel
like going." thing, then I should be obligated to pay for those
reservations. However, mundanity has a way of happening and it hit us pretty
hard for this event. That's one event I've been looking forward to going to.
I've never made a Crown Tournament and this one was actually in my region
*Sigh*. Like I said ... mundanity happens. Today is my birthday and also my
friend's birthday. We were planning on celebrating at Crown Tournament.
Instead ... we got stuck at home. We still had a good time, but we would
much rather have been at Crown Tourney.

                Lady Celeste de Montmorency
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> Greetings and Hi There,
> The recent Crown feast brought to my mind a sad state that is far to
> within this GREAT Kingdom of Heroes of ours.
> OK Gilli, what are you going to upset us about now? you say?  Feast
> reservations is my answer.  Now I do fully understand that last minuet
> can happen that makes one change their event feasting plans.   While
> carrying  a good chunk of the kitchen equipment for this Crown kitchen, I
> was fully expecting to break down somewhere along the way.  Luckily, my
> and I made it.  This has not always been our good fortune.
> However, barring some sort of catastorphe, if one, prior to the event
> decides not to feast, they should let the feast folks know about it.
> Folks are costing this Kingdom and it's various groups THOUSANDS of
> a year because they don't cancell their reservation.
> Food that is bought because of reservations cost, that mondane thing
> MONEY.  At a large event, that can be a significant amount.
> When an event is sold out, most other folks will make alternate eating
> plans.  Then, when those reversations don't show up, lost of money is
> All I'm saying is that, if, possible inform the feastocrat.  If not, pay
> your contractual agreement for the feast.
> OK, yell back all you want.
> Gilli
> Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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