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Ed Shelton shelton_ed at hotmail.com
Sat May 10 22:02:11 PDT 2003

I have been using siloflex swords for years and have never experienced the
problem you describe.  However, my method of construction is probably
different than the swords with which you have had trouble.

I take a sword length stick of rattan that is 1 1/16 to 1 1/4 inches in
outside diameter.  The siloflex having an inside diameter of 1 inch.  I then
place the siloflex in a 3" PVC sewer pipe of suitable length and put a hair
dryer set on hot in the end of the pipe.  I let the hair dryer heat the
siloflex for a few minutes and then remove the siloflex and insert the
rattan into it using a 3 lb. deadblow mallet.  After driving the rattan in a
few inches, I then place the rattan and siloflex back into the PVC "oven" so
that the next few inches of siloflex that the rattan hasn't reached yet is
ready for reheating and turn on the hair dryer again.  After a few minutes
of heating, I remove both and drive the rattan further into the siloflex.  I
repeat this procedure until the entire rattan stave is sheathed in the
siloflex.  When the siloflex cools it shrinks completely onto the rattan and
is irremovable by anything save cutting it off with a very sharp knife.  I
trim the excess siloflex and carve a grip making sure to leave at least one
strip of siloflex the entire length of grip and blade.

My blades are massive enough to give a good solid feel to the blows struck
since the rattan core is almost a legal sword on its own and will last
almost indefinitely.

I would be happy to demonstrate this technique if anyone is interested is
seeing it.

Yours in service,

Coastal Regional Knight Marshal

>We have encountered a problem with siloflex tubes. It seems that under the
>right conditions the rattan can launch out of the tube like a missle.  Be
>warned: this is incredibly hazardous!I have sent all pertinent information
>to the Earl Marshall and await his decision on the matter.There will be a
>temporary ban on all siloflex swords on any official combat field in
>Seawinds until the Earl Marshal can resolve this safety issue.

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