[Ansteorra] Greetings...

William Willett liamgordon at military.com
Mon May 12 01:25:42 PDT 2003

Greetings unto the populace of Ansteorra:

    SOrry for the broadband here, just don't
have much time.  First, I would like to thank
all of those who have supported the troops that
have been involved with Operations Enduring
Freedom and Iraqi Freedom (how much do they pay
people to come up with these names???).  It has
not been all that much fun here.  Especially for
those of us who have gone through withdrawals
 from hitting people, and getting hit.
    Unfortunately, I cannot say when I am coming
home, although, I am BACK in Kuwait.  Left B-Dad
a few days ago.
    Your Majesties, just for a heads up...  When
I rolled into Iraq, I kinda claimed it for
us...  Is that goin' to upset Drackenwald???
There really isn't much here...  But, gives us
some more land...
    I hope all are well back there at home.  We
shall be home soon...  Hopefully...  We all know
how Uncle Sam works.

    Again, thank you all.

Thank You,

In Service to the Dream that
We All Share

Ld. Liam Gordon
Cavalier of the Bridge

May those who have gone
before us always be
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