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Vivat and thank you for posting this Sir Burke! I find it interesting that no one has yet replied to this post.  As a member of the clean-up crew at Eldern XXV, I echo Sir Burke's words and add these of my own. The condition of the bath-house restrooms was indeed deplorable.  These were clearly marked as "out of order". It saddens and sickens me that apparently *numerous* so-called "gentles" would disregard this fact.  These individuals are not the SCA that I grew up with. There was another problem at Eldern XXV.  The site rules clearly stated that the site was discreetly wet.  Alcoholic beverages in *period* containers only.  We found beer cans on top of the trash cans in the men's room at the hall.  We found a rather large pile of beer, whiskey, etc. bottles on the table under the open air pavillion.  Come on folks.  We can and *must* do better.  The SCA has lost access to countless event sites because of actions such as these.  I personally know of 3.   I hope all Ansteorrans will take up Sir Burke's challenge.  I, for one, will.   I will do my best to further educate the newcomers in our area.  And I will do whatever is necessary to prevent the loss of another site and the tarnishing of the SCA's good name due to ignorance and/or apathy such as was demonstrated at Eldern XXV.  In service,Master Artorius ap Caradoc, O.P.

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Greetings to the Populace of Ansteorra,

Several incidents that have occurred at recent events have gotten me to
thinking about event etiquette and the obvious poor job we are doing. At
the recent Crown Tourney so wonderfully put on by the Barony of Northkeep,
some people seem to have forgotten our old adage of "leaving the site
cleaner and better than you found it". After all the pavilions were
brought down and the tents struck, the clean up crews found piles of
cigarette butts and other trash left behind in a number of locations. To
my mind this is unacceptable for a group that prides itself on our
ideals. It doesn't take much to bring a butt can if you smoke or have a
trash sack under your pavilion or in your camp. My Lords and Ladies we
really must do a better job.
Then at the Eldern Hills XXV Championship the next week we were faced
with the fury of mother nature. I applaud and commend Baroness Adria, her
staff, and the people of the Eldern Hills for putting on a first class
event even after Friday night storms knocked out power to most of the camp
for the weekend. With the lose of power also came the loss of water site
wide except for the main hall. This was especially inconvenient as it made
the main bathhouse and restroom unusable. Announcements were made in court
and signs were posted on the entrances to the bathhouse informing people
that the restrooms were closed. But some people disregarded the signs and
used the bathrooms anyway, even knowing that there was no way to flush
them. This was not very nice, as well as being a potential public heath
hazard. Camp Cimarron has a number of primitive restroom facilities that
were available around the site in addition to the main hall restrooms were
power and water were still on. This lack of courtesy was not well received
on Sunday when the cleanup staff went up to check the bathhouse. It took
more than a hour to clean the facilities as water had to be trucked up from
the hall. People this is just unacceptable no matter what your excuse.
My Lords and Ladies, I challenge you all to do a better job at events
in the future. Take pride in your campsites and pavilions, have butt cans
and trash bags available even if you don't smoke or plan on eating under
your pavilion. Encourage others who come to your pavilions or campsites to
use the facilities you provide. Hide your mundane items under a throw rug
or peace of fabric. Teach newcomers what is expected of them as the come
into our game. And most especially cooperate and obey the signs that the
autocrats put up on facilities that are not available. If we all try and
do this our game will become just a little bit better and more fun.

So again I say unto you Ansteorra we can do better!!!

Baron Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald, op.


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