[Ansteorra] Advice for keeping wooden feast gear.

Chuck and Rhonda Leggett RLEGGETT at austin.rr.com
Thu May 22 08:22:57 PDT 2003

    Olive oil, salad oil, etc.; any vegetable-based oil that you might use
as a food ingredient, essentially, will work.  Rub it in liberally, let it
soak in, wipe off the excess.  (Lard might do as well, but would be my
choice ONLY if I didn't have a vegetable oil to use.)  If stored for a
while, you might want to "re-treat" them periodically for maintenance.
(Although linseed oil is an excellent conditioner for wood, I'm not so sure
I want traces of it in my diet!)
Also, for what it's worth, I'd avoid putting any wood in the dishwasher;
hand-wash only, if you want it to last.
Hope this helps.

Ever in service,
Ld. Marion de la Massue
House of Brick.

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> Greetings to all,
> I recently have come across a problem with my first
> set of wooden feast gear.  Two of my bowls have dried
> out and cracked.  I was told this was because when I
> washed it I didn't condition it afterwards.
> My question is:  What do I use to condition wooden
> plates, tankards and things that will be used for
> eating?
> Any tips will be greatly appreciated,
> Ldy. Tressa de Crauford
> Tempio
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