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Sun May 25 23:33:48 PDT 2003

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At the risk of causing upset or invoking people's ire, I wish to pose a
question over the list that ran through my mind repeatedly through the
course of the day as I drained, mopped, and dried my tent.  Why is it
that we keep holding this events at a site which we know is highly flood
prone, not nice to look at, and has huge amounts of mundane traffic
running through it?  Normally that last bit would not bother me, but we
seem to have incidents regularly with the mundanes there.  I remember
kids going through with air horns, near fights, thefts, and this year
there were looters going through when we still had nearly a third of our
people on site. I know there are a lot of arguments (even some very good
arguments) for this place, but at what point is enough, enough?

Diane Rudin wrote:

>Gabrielle asked:
>>Has anyone tried to figure out mathematically to see if
>>there is any pattern to the Waterlords?
>3-5 years apart since we moved to Canton.  At 1991 Warlord, our first
>at Canton, there was a lot of rain Friday night, but no flooding (as I
>recall).  In 1994, we all crowded into the little building by the list
>field while the storms raged--Waterlord I.  1999 was Waterlord II, and
>was, as I recall, rather worse.  Now we have Waterlord III.  This is,
>however, insufficient data to make future projections.  (But I had a
>bad feeling about this as I typed up the history info for the gate
>I'm tempted to recommend "I Survived (but My Stuff Didn't)"
>T-shirts--the lord, lady, child, and grice all up in the tree with
>flood waters obscuring the bottom half of the "30".  :^)
>However, the Warlord Tournament has never been rained out.
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