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> I know there are a lot of arguments (even some very good
> arguments) for this place, but at what point is enough, enough?

Ask the people of Canton the same question:  They live in a flood-prone area,
yet they're content to stay there.  Why?

Down here in BG, we've got a creek that has some flood-prone areas, yet
people are content to live there despite the fact that it's flooded their homes on
occasion.  Why do they stay there?

I think it's because they've known that to be their home for their entire
lives, and flooding isn't about to drive them out.  They've got nowhere else to
go. (Ask a person who's lived all their lives in one place to suddenly up and
move to a new location.  That's a pretty tall order.  I imagine that the Feds
faced the same challenge when they created the TVA and their dams.)

Lord Johann Kiefer Hayden (Paul E. Kiefer, Jr.)

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