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Tue May 27 12:32:31 PDT 2003

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I do not like A&S competitions where there is only one overall winner. This
discourages too many artisans from even showing, and every artisan save one
goes away with nothing.

Give the populace more than one vote/bead. Why not, say, 5 beads all of equal

HL Juliana had a great idea for the bead containers at Steppes warlord, where
tin cans were topped with cloth that had a slit to insert the bead but one
could not see how many beads had been awarded.

In a large A&S event where there may be 30 or more entrants, having only one
winner is terrible.

I'd like to see winners in each of many mediums - such as embroidery,
carving, spinning, pottery, illumination, etc, etc. chosen by popular acclaim through
the hidden bead idea.

Each artisan would be able to enter items in several different mediums.

Prize scrolls could be laid out so the winning medium is filled in at the
event - that way if no entries were made in certain areas, the scribe's efforts
would not be lost on an unused scroll.

HL Ciard O'Seachnasaigh

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