[Ansteorra] Some Event and Feast planning and running info in the Florilegium

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue May 27 22:21:36 PDT 2003

It was requested of me to send a message to this group detailing some
of the files in the Florilegium that might be of use to Event Stewards
or Headcooks:
 > Hi there, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to advertise your
 > wonderful site of information to the list about "Autocrat/Event
 > seeing that the list is full of new people that seem to know nothing
 > about it. :)
Hey, after a request like that, how could I refuse. :-)
In the SCA-EVENT-PLANNING section:
Demos-as-Evts-art  (8K)  1/12/03    "Demos as Events" by Lady Meliora
Leuedai de
demos-msg        (102K) 10/23/01    SCA demos for education and
evnt-stewards-msg (55K) 10/ 2/00    Suggestions for event stewards.
feasts-free-msg   (14K) 11/11/94    Who gets in free to feasts.
hotel-events-msg  (17K)  2/14/02    Holding SCA events in hotels.
privvies-msg      (10K)  8/29/02    Managing privvies at SCA events.
SCA-Demos-art     (20K)  7/13/02    "SCA Demos - An Overview" by Lady
                                         Leuedai de Ardescote.
reservations-msg  (29K) 11/10/02    Handling feast and event
tokens-msg        (38K)  6/28/01    Ideas for feast and site tokens.

And in the FEASTS section:
dayboards-msg     (36K)  1/13/03    SCA dayboards, middle-of-the-day
feast-decor-msg   (17K)  4/10/01    Decorating the feasthall.
feast-ideas-msg   (54K)  3/ 7/01    Ideas for SCA feasts.
feast-menus-msg   (64K) 12/19/00    Feast menus from various SCA feasts.
feast-serving-msg (94K)  6/18/02    Ideas for serving feasts. How to
Fst-Managemnt-art (12K)  7/22/01    "Feast Management" by Lady Eden
Fst-Menus-art     (11K)  4/15/99    "On Rules for Feast Menus"
                                       by Lord Daniel Raoul le Vascon du
headcooks-msg    (155K)  5/17/01    Advice for SCA headcooks. Planning
high-table-msg    (26K) 12/13/01    Setting up and serving the High
Run-a-Feast-art   (14K) 11/ 2/98    "About Running a Feast" by Minna

And in closing, this file. This might be useful to potential headcooks
as a warning of things to look out for, and even to those who have no
interest in cooking an SCA feast whatsoever, as some entertaining
fst-disasters-msg (64K) 12/ 1/02    Tales of SCA feasts that were

I hope this is of interest.
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    Mark S. Harris           Austin, Texas
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