[Ansteorra] Scooter question

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Wed May 28 06:30:59 PDT 2003

Checking on this list due to large number of people with broad experiences,
please send replies off list to catmafia at swbell.net.  My daughter suffers
from chronic ankle instability, due to a number of reasons, and is
currently off her feet with stress fractures that flaired up from her
walking at Crown Tourny.  We revisit her ortho on Monday and I was wanting
some info on scooters in case the topic comes up.  It is hard enough to
explain the SCA to most outsiders, but describing it to a Dr is sometimes

I was wanting to hear from those who have mobility issues, what has worked
for you at events.  She is fine for short distances, but the back and
forths at events that add up to 3-5 miles, have been problems several
times.  Do you know of specific designs that make the more rugged event
sites navagatable?  I'm thinking one of the ones that breaks down to parts
30 pounds and less would be easist to transport, expecially when she is off
to college and catching rides with others, any suggestions on what to look
for in those is greatly appreciated.

Guess that is it and thanks in advance for the information,


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