[Ansteorra] RE: Ansteorra Digest, Vol 11, Issue 7

Gerita/Carolle Cox hpockets at verizon.net
Wed Apr 7 14:47:39 PDT 2004

Lord Snorri Hallsson
Fundraising Coordinator, Ansteorran Argent Anniversary

Yah, Snorri!!  We may be behind your Barony by $27 in pass-the-hat
contributions to the Fireworks Fund, but we still have Populace Meeting,
you know!!

So!  Who's going to take us on?  All you have to do is pass the hat at
your group's meetings between now and Steppes War Lord.  Will you beat
the reigning Barony, or fall into utter dismay when you don't hit the

Central Region Fundraising  Coordinator (Yeah, he's my boss!)

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