[Ansteorra] Fireworks Before the Fireworks

Snorri Hallsson snorri at houston.rr.com
Wed Apr 7 21:57:27 PDT 2004

Lady Gerita sez ...
> Yah, Snorri!!  We may be behind your Barony by $27 in pass-the-hat
> contributions to the Fireworks Fund, but we still have Populace Meeting,
> you know!!
> So!  Who's going to take us on?  All you have to do is pass the hat at
> your group's meetings between now and Steppes War Lord.  Will you beat
> the reigning Barony, or fall into utter dismay when you don't hit the
> mark?

Why Gerita, are you issuing a challenge on behalf of the Central Region's
groups?  How wonderful of you!  I think that Baron Lucais, who is our
Northern Regional Fundraising Coordinator, and Baron Kainin, our Western
Regional Fundraising Coordinator, would be very pleased to get in on the
challenge.  I can't wait to hear what they have to say about the gauntlet
you've thrown down.

Now, I have to be fair, since I'm speaking for the Coastal Region here, but
... it seems that we could use someone to help rouse the populace in the
Southern Region.  C'mon, it'll be fun, all the other cool kids are doing it.
(Hey, how much cooler can it get than Gerita, Kainin and Lucais?)

Fundraising Coordinator, Ansteorran Argent Anniversary

P.S.  If you are a bit confused about what's going on here, your seneschal
should explain it to you at your next populace meeting.  :-)  And if this
looks like fun and you're in the Southern Region and want to help out your
Kingdom, drop me a line off-list at snorri at houston.rr.com and I'll tell you
what you can do.  Thanks!

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