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Snorri Hallsson snorri at houston.rr.com
Thu Apr 8 18:32:19 PDT 2004

Greetings to the populace of Ansteorra, to the populace of Calontir, and to
the Royal Family of the Known World:

As I have been encouraged to do so by Her Grace, Duchess Lyn of Atenveldt,
I will respond to the words of the Laurel King of Arms in his recent letter
regarding the arms of the Consort and the Heirs of the Sovereign Lands of
the Society.

I know this man well.  He is a good man and I am honored to call him friend.
I do not believe that his decision was meant to belittle anyone, regardless
of gender or position.  The decision was made, in my opinion, to make the
Society a touch more accurate - a mission that the Society has been evolving
toward for many years.

The Consort has every right and privilege to display the arms of the Kingdom
as his or her own, just as the Sovereign has that right.  Though only one
may have won the right by arms, both equally share the right by love to
kingdom, and both stand as equal personifications of the lands they rule.
Marks of cadency show nothing more than a difference in generation, and just
as the Sovereign and Consort are equal, one with another, so are the
Sovereign and Consort Heirs.  These marks of cadency, in fact, represent a
unique opportunity for a kingdom or principality to further their identity.
Just as these marks differed from nation to nation in period, it would stand
to reason that they would differ between kingdoms.

The underlying thought here, however, is that regardless of whether
sovereign or consort, crown or coronet, these people are each members of the
Royal Family - entitled to bear the banner as equally as they share the
blessing and burden of inspiration and leadership.

Finally, let me say this to you.  Having separate arms in some way can be
seen to perpetuate the very discrimination that Her Grace rightfully
disdains.  It shows that there is a difference between Sovereign and Consort
at any level; that perhaps the Consort needs to be pointed out as, well,
just the Consort.  I believe that the fairer gender should be the picture of
grace and beauty, regardless of which side of the shield she sees.  I
believe that it is our duty as a global populace to uphold that ideal.  But
I also believe that it is the spirit of the lady and the people she inspires
that will fly higher than any consort's banner or token ever could.

I'll entertain dissent (and support) at snorri at houston.rr.com.

In service to the Society and all it stands for,
Lord Snorri Hallsson
Shire of Gate's Edge, Ansteorra

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