[Ansteorra] Greetings from Drachenwald

Honor honor at Restormel.net
Thu Apr 1 21:26:33 PST 2004

Warmest greetings to our dear friends in Ansteorra from John and Honor,
Crown Prince and Princess of Drachenwald.

>From what we have heard, the news of John's victory in the Drachenwald Crown
List has been spread about the Kingdom of Ansteorra.  We are very pleased
that our friends have heard of our good fortune.

The Crown List was held in Estonia in the beautiful Old City of Tallinn.  We
had beautiful weather for our travels on Thursday and our exploration of the
Old City on Friday.  Saturday, as predicted was a rainy day, and the field
where the tournament was supposed to be fought was covered in a layer of ice
with a small lake on top.  The tournament was moved to the brick topped area
outside the building so there was no swimming involved in the tournament.

Notoriously, Drachenwald Crown Lists are small -- part of the reason is the
expense of travel and reigning.  (Our trip to Tallinn for a 4 day weekend
was about $1500! for the three of us.)  There were seven people in the list
which included three knights (one of them a Count from Atlantia), and
viscount from Nordmark.  It was not a cake walk, but in the finals, John
killed his opponent two out of two to win the tournament.

We are still reeling!  Since then there has been a flurry of activity here
with messages to read and answer and plans to be made.  Thankfully, things
have settled down a bit and we are able to take time to write to our friends
and share the news of our good fortune.

We will be at Pennsic and hope that we will see many of you there.  We do
miss our dear friends in Ansteorra.

In faithful service,
John Peregrine of Restormel and Honor of Restormel
now John and Honor of Drachenwald

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