[Ansteorra] Seeking source for copper clasps

Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Sun Apr 11 14:56:32 PDT 2004

Please pardon the bandwidth, but I'm trying to find any source for *copper* clasps, such as could be used on a cloak or garb. Not terribly big, ideally around 1" wide each of the pair.  I can find gold, antique gold, silver, pewter, etc... but copper has eluded me for hours of Googling and Ebaying and calling local sewing stores.

Anyone know of an artisan or vendor that makes them or can get them?  They're needed for a project within the next two weeks... and time's starting to run short.

Grateful for any assistance,

-Zubeydah Jamilla Al-Badawiyya

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