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This is great news!!

Where can I get more info on the Sable Sheild.

Not only are the Primiers form Middleford, but also, we have many more
members who have been there or are there now.

The more arrows you loose, the more that can hit GOLD.
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> Unto all who come by these words do the Baron and Baroness of Elfsea send
> greetings,
> To Their Majesties, King Miguel & Queen Conal, and all who traveled to
> Elfsea Springfaire, we extend our sincerest gratitude for adding to the
> shared by so many. We commend our autocrats, HL Medb Liath and Lady
> Elizabeth Pendarvis, for their dedication to this event and to all of
> event staff and the many selfless volunteers. You successfully delivered
> what we had hoped for; an intimate event where fun and comradery were
> paramount. We express our admiration and gratitude to Master Darius and
> Mistress Rosalia who saw to our needs from start to finish on a very
> ambitious day. You again showed us "what Peers do" with your service,
> and counsel, as herald and entourage. Thank you!
> Congratulations to our newest titled champions:
> Elfsea Artisan: Lord Vincenzo Cellini
> Elfsea Bard: Master Robin of Gilwell
> Elfsea King of Fools: His Travesty, Lord William Worm II
> We appreciate all who participated in the day's competitions and those who
> helped with the difficult task of identifying our titled champions.
> Thanks to HL Asa Hrafnasdottir and many of Elfsea's past artisan
> Mistress Stella, HL Suzanna the Herbalist, Mistress Gwynaeth Angharad of
> Glamorgan and HL Juliana Vertue. This year's Springfaire bore witness to
> several new ideas, not least of which was a change in format for the
> competition. In place of a traditional body-of-work competition, we wanted
> to see what an emphasis on a limited number of pieces would bring.
> entered up to three of their finest items, with one primary item. The
> was a most impressive array of exceedingly high quality works. The judging
> was thus all the more difficult.
> As representative, our outgoing Bard, Sir Keif av Keirsted who was
> in a distant land, sent Lord Snorri Hallson who rendered superb assistance
> directing the bardic competition and providing invaluable counsel along
> Dona Antonia Bianca Santiago da Lagos. Again, something new was tried. An
> audition round was held in the gardens under the gazebo, where
> of roughly 5 minutes or less were considered. This was followed by a final
> round of four competitors, delivering pieces amidst distractions, during
> evening feast. Lord Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain, Lady Michelle de Buseby,
> Grimulf Einarsson and Master Robin of Gilwell each delivered amazing
> performances.
> We give special thanks to the outgoing Elfsea Fool, Miscount Modius I, for
> setting the tone for a fun filled day. His sense of style and colorful
> has scarred us, er, left us with unforgettable memories! The dancing girls
> were particularly appreciated, by His Excellency. The No-Count Crandal,
> Former Travesty Raimond, and (due to a short reign) Discount Seamus, along
> with His Travesty Worm II filled the day with smiles, a few surprises and
> some downright scary moments. Thank you to our stealth judges, Modius,
> Darius, Ryan, Caitlin and the rest of the children.
> Beyond our titled competitions, we extend our thanks to LADY Irina and
> Janie who we saw all over the place helping from the very start filling in
> at gate, helping with feast and more. Thank you to HL Caelin and Lord
> and their staff for the delicious sideboard lunch and superb evening
> Though Youth Combat saw limited numbers, it did not limit their chivalry
> honor. Robert and Dylan fought a best 2 out of three, displaying fierce
> controlled aggression, chivalrously yielding weapon advantages and dying
> style; as well, if not better, than many adult competitors. Well done, and
> thank you to Lord Daire, Lady Donnel and Lord Dohmnalll for organizing and
> marshalling the youth tournament. Elsewhere, Earl Drake emerged victorious
> in the Chivalric List. Don Modius claimed the Rapier list and Lord Jacques
> the Spink was deadliest in the Archery List. Congratulations! Thank you to
> the coordinators, Lord Daire, Lord Dirk and HL Fearghus. And, once again,
> the "List Babes"(tm) were awesome. Lady Gerita, Lady Genevieve and all the
> water bearers whose task was all the more challenging due to the
> and chilly temperatures. Thank you Lady Eithne the Healer, for your
> as CIC, Lady LeNieve with the Children's activities, and all those who
> assisted with the morning egg hunt. Thank you Lady Sibri for coordinating
> prizes and Lady Innes for coordinating merchants.
> We offer a hearty VIVAT! to all who received well-deserved awards:
> Portcullis - Kerrick de Castelle
> Portcullis - Asa Hrafnasdottir (from August 2003)
> Sable Shield - Surge (premier)
> Sable Shield - Lord Gareth (premier)
> Award of Arms - Sabine du Curtier
> Award of Arms - Irina Moreskaia
> Sable Crane - Magdalea Mac an Ghabhann
> Sable Thistle (Weaving) - Ker Megan of Taransay
> Sable Thistle (Embroidery) - Maria Cabeca de Vaca
> Star of Merit - Medb Liath
> Iris of Merit - Desiree Dupre
> The Sable Shield is a new non-armigerous award from Their Majesties
> service beyond our Society. While I cannot relate the exact text or
> constitution, military service to our country in a time of war was cited.
> In the late afternoon court, the populace of the SHIRE of Loch Ruadh gave
> tribute to the Crown and Barony with an emotional stream of individual
> presentations. Loch Ruadh and it's populace holds a special place in our
> hearts and we have tremendous faith in their continued success and bright
> future. Though the Crown has released us from our stewardship of Loch
> we know our friendship will endure. May you future be prosperous and your
> troubles few.
> In evening court, Their Majesties did express a desire to name Mistress
> Serena Lascelles to the Order of the Pelican. Mistress Serena did consent
> and confirmed Steppes Warlord as the date for her elevation. Vivat,
> Serena!
> Springfaire was a resounding success, in spite of the chilly, windy,
> occasionally damp weather and holiday weekend. Whether you traveled near
> far, we thank you one and all. Please let us know what you thought of the
> new site. The site owner told me today that this time next year will see
> addition of another hall, twice the size of the one we used. It will
> showers and expanded parking and camping areas to the north. So to those
> attended this year, tell your friends. On your next visit, bring your
> friends. If you were unalbe to attend, then make plans now for the
> for many friends, old and new, await you in Elfsea!
> In the service of kingdom & barony, we remain,
> Armand & Ameline
> Baron & Baroness
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