[Ansteorra] To the Lions

Paul Foster p_foster at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 13 07:12:25 PST 2004


The Lions of Ansteorra do not have a list of the their own and I chose this 
method of reaching them.  If you know a Lion who does not receive this 
list, kindly forward my message on to them.  Thank you.

Rhodri ap Gwythyr

I send this to you as a Lion, because I believe the Lions may be able to 
help.  Please excuse the length and bear with me to the end.

We are under attack.  No warriors threaten our lands.  There is no army on 
our border.  Far, far worse.  Our reputation and the good name of this 
kingdom are being maligned.  Our kingdom is being described as a group of 
greedy, lazy, whiners.  And this is being believed.

The issues around Gulf Wars have gotten to the point where peerages in 
other kingdoms are being told that:
1)      Ansteorra is only interested in the money from Gulf Wars
2)      we are not willing to do our share of the work
3)      we want to run the war our way while someone else does all the work
4)      that Gulf Wars is and always has been a Meridien event, and look 
how badly Ansteorra is treating them when all they were doing was being 
good hosts

Since the beginning of the war there have been issues, and always will 
be.  I believe we have tried to work around them, live with them, and 
continue for the enjoyment of all.   Here is what I have heard from members 
of our populace:
1)      The GW staff ignores our requests to run the dances and balls, 
putting their own people in charge.
2)      The volunteer chits are turned in for A&S judging, marshalling, and 
other activities, but somehow they are lost.  I have heard many Ansteorrans 
say they don't bother trying to turn them in because it is too big a hassle.
3)      Teachers apply repeatedly for slots in the classes.  These requests 
are ignored / lost / refused / never answered.
4)      The rapier community must continually work extra hard to ensure 
their activities at Gulf Wars.
5)      The Equestrian community has had problems of their own with 
Meridien interventions.
6)      The knights and marshalls complain about the Meridien marshalls and 
how they handle the battles.

Now I hear back from other kingdoms that Ansteorra doesn't pull its share 
of the load (as shown by the lists of teachers, staff, and the volunteer 
hours) but that we want to control the war and get more money out of 
it.  That Meridies has been doing all the work and now we want to take over 
the event, but they still have to do all the work.

Three years ago, after some major problems with other wars, the corporation 
required all multi-kingdom wars with profit-sharing to create a financial 
policy which had to be approved by the corporation.  The battle to get one 
for Gulf Wars was long and involved.  Only the threat of having the war 
suspended for lack of a policy caused it to occur at all.  Meridies did not 
want any such policy to control their war.  This escalated the conflict to 
the point we have today.

I have been involved on the edges of this issue for several years, for many 
Reigns.  Repeatedly, I have seen our Crowns and officers negotiate, 
compromise, and work their way through it.  Each problem has been quietly 
resolved and the war goes on.   But the result is that the only story heard 
is that of a few loud voices from Meridies.

I don't care about the war.  I don't care about the money.  I care about 
the name of Ansteorra.  That they can do this to us is bad.  That we appear 
to be ready to lie down and take it, REALLY HURTS.

I am fighting against this slander when and where I can, as are 
others.  Our voices alone are not enough.  If it matters to you what the 
Known World thinks of Ansteorra, then let your voice be heard.


For other viewpoints, Patrick Michael and Clarissa di Firenze have been 
involved in this for a long time, or just start asking around.

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