[Ansteorra] Modern and Period thoughts.

doc doc at ev1.net
Thu Jun 3 13:49:51 PDT 2004

I was talking with a roommate about his thesis the other day, and we 
ended up going into the definitions of the word 'franchise', and how its 
use to describe a business model has changed the way the word is used. 
Then I went to an event, and ended up thinking about the discussion 
while I was there. This led me around to thinking about a comparison of 
the modern Franchise business system and the old Feudal/Vassal system of 
government.  The idea gets even more interesting when you realize that 
much of the money that comes into McDonalds Corporate is that they own 
the land which the stores are on.  Possibly a thesis topic for someone 
in a government, business, or law major. Any thoughts from anyone?

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