[Ansteorra] Warlord 31 Thank you note - a really big thank you note

Julie Cunningham Julie at ettros.com
Tue Jun 8 15:31:57 PDT 2004

Greetings to you, good people of Ansteorra 

I would like to thank all that attended Warlord 31 here in the Steppes. It was grand to see so many there. I would like to thank all that made the event possible, because there could not have been an event without them.

To begin, let me say that the following list may not have all of those wonderful people who volunteered their time, and for some reason did not get on my thank you list. Please make your name known to me, so that I may amend my thank you post. 

(Here goes yall - this is gonna be a long list and not in any specific order. )

Thank you to Centurion Morgan Buchanan for all of your hard work on the Warlord heavy fighting part of the event and also handling the list field area. Thanks for coordinating with the Marshalls and the List Babes. Thanks also for your patience and kindness. 

To Margarite and Maeva and all of the List Babes, thank you. 
To those that Marshalled, thank you - I do not have your names.

Thanks to Alsidar for heralding. Thanks also to Seamus, Sarah, Groa, Key Connor, Johan Weiderhaven and all of the others who did herald when needed.  You are awesome! 

To Don Brendan, thanks to you for handling the Steppes Champion event. 

To Lady Maili Donnell MacGregor for handling the Youth Combat event. Thanks also for all of the general support you offer every day. Thanks also to Cathal for running the list, Lord Lothar and Shamus Roy for Marshalling, Sir Simon for training and Duckie for helping. 

To Lady Linet Grey for your hard work on the Steppes Archer and other Archery events, thank you. Thanks to Jaques the Spink, Jason of the Many Bows, Oudoceus Kynith , the Shire of Rosenfeld, Tegward McAuley, the shire of Lock Ruadh, Vivian McKinnon, Sherenia McGregor, Don Sebatian, Lady Moreg, Lady Katya, Corwn mg Eowin, The Fellowship of the Bow and House Arkham for this event. 

To Lady Allessandra, thank you so much for Equestrian event and activities. To Sir Alexis Le Bouche, Lady Gwenhavre, Lady Gabrielle, and her ground crew for helping in her endevour. Thanks to Lord Key Connor for providing the water for the horses. 

To Jacque the Spink and Magnus for handling the Knife,Axe and Spear at the last minute. You were a life saver! 

Thanks to HLady Gilyan Clonmacnoise on the dog coursing. 

To Lord John de Irwynne, Lady Catalina, Lady Osanna de Burgh, Liz, Erin,Guillaume, and all other in the crew for water bearing for the entire event. None of us could have made it without you all. 

To Borek who was in charge at gate and worked MANY HOURS, to HL Philip White, Lady Elin the Timid, Tegwared McAuley, Catrin ferch Rhys, Gabrielle Rene de Bernard, Aimilona, Groa and Company - to you all I give thanks for such a wonderful job on gate. 

To Ginger, thanks for the event booklet. 

To Elias for the site token design, and to Chiara, Fritz, Daniel, Corwin, Lasgard, David and Francesca who worked hard to complete them in one day. 

Thanks to Jacque the Spink and House Arkham for the task of set up and take down. What an efficient crew! Thanks also for the load in-load out crew including Jacque, Fritz,  Thelyn, Hubert, Borek, Lasgard and Sarah .

To Lady Anne the Spinster, thanks for all of the hard work managing the merchants, and for assisting Osanna in making me stop for breaks. 

Thank you Gerita del Mare for being the Chirurgeon in charge. 

Thanks David Cox for assisting in many ways - especially during the golf cart trauma - as well as being the Nasticrat. Thanks to Cassie and Tess for setting up lights in the portolets. 

To Elisabeta , head of security and Bren'ainn her deputy for their many hours serving in security. Thanks to Lothar, Okie, Lady Amimee de Longcouer and m'lady Sam who served shifts in security. 

To HLady Julianna, thanks for being in charge of the hall.Also thanks Chiara for taking over on Sunday. Thanks to Elin and Philip for decorating the hall with the help of Lady Sabina, Tess her friend, Granya ui Dunlainghe, Morgan Buchanan, Giles, Josh, and Gilliana. 

To Philip White thanks for running the dance, and thanks to Joselyn de Viverais and Guillaume de Troyes for lending a hand. 

Thanks to Ciard for running the Library. What a success it was!

Thanks also to Lady Beatrice and Lady Ann for the classes during the day Saturday. 

To the scribes that made the wonderful scrolls - HE Muireann, HL Ciard, Lady Fionnuala the Fey (Nuala), JL Giuliana Firidolfi, HL Lete Blithespring, HL Vincenzo Cellini. Thanks also to HE Muireann for hosting the scribal tea. 

To Nuala, thanks so much for putting the prize baskets together. Thank you also to Lady Alienor Llewelyn, Emily MacGregor, Katja of Falconrose, Lady Toryn Seven Stitches, Lord Guy Jin, HE Muireann, Guinevere the Perky, Lady Roana Fitzstephen, HL Katya. 

Thank you Don Eisen for running the A&S Competition.  The prizes you made were wonderful.

Thanks to HE Catrin and Tenci Sueko for the B&B Luncheons. 

Thanks to Mistress Kalida for running the onsite Embroidery Contest. Thanks to your contest, we have a wonderful new relic for the Steppes.

Thank you HE Catrin for running children's activities. 

Thanks Lady Toryn for making things happen when I could not.

Thank you Master Richard Fairborne for the load of the decorations, and for your suggestions for plans "B".  Thank goodness - we needed it.

To Sir Kief and HE Ameline for helping me through a tough spot. Your kindness will not be forgotten. 

To their Excellencies Fritz and Catrin, thank you so much for your advice and support. Love to you both.

Thanks to Lady Osanna for keeping me altogether and for being my Chateleine. You did an awesome job before and during the event. You are one of my dearest friends.

To Katya, thank you for being my drop dead, my support, my calm in the storm. 

Thanks to Chaira for gathering such a fine group of department heads and for serving as the pre-autocrat.  It made my two months of service much easier.

Thanks Lady Francesca.  You are wonderful at your job and a great asset to this barony.

Thanks for the dozen beautiful white roses, whomever was so kind to send them.  They still brighten my home.

And finally, thanks to their Excellencies Mahdi and Valeria for giving me the opportunity to autocrat. It was an honor to serve the barony in this manor. 

Lady Kathryn Cuninghame of Ayr

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