[Ansteorra] Fond recall, with Sympathy for the passing of Lady Cerelia

benliz benliz at ev1.net
Tue Jun 8 18:14:32 PDT 2004

Dear Countess Anne and Duke Richard and family,
    You have our deep sympathy in Lady Cerelia's passing.
So fondly remembered are the beauty and flair of her purple encampments
and the numbers of happy purple-clad individuals in her cheerful company.
Cerelia was one to set a tone, to inspire others, and to present a vivid 
effect that, for many, her endeavors made the Dream come to reality.
    Our prayer is for you to have Comfort in this season and onward. 
 Peace be with you, Cousins,
    With sympathy and fond remembrances,
Tessa and Simonn

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