[Ansteorra] Simple Grants of Arms

sandra goodrich tgnst at swbell.net
Thu Jun 17 16:58:48 PDT 2004

  HI,  yes these three people were given their Grants at the same event. It was a Wiesenfeaur Yule Revel during Barn and Kats' reign.  And I believe they also gave out two other simple grants earlier that reign.  Haldane Sparhawk and Grimhun Hroth were the other two gentles.     Tarl

Hum, it hadn't occurred to me to look up his name to see WHERE he got his Grant of Arms from (I
was going off the consolidated list at the back of OP), so if he got his from Meridies, then that
means the last Simple Grant presented in Ansteorra by an Ansteorran Crown would have been to Sag
of Toehold (12/12/1998), Arianne of Wyndstay (12/12/1998) and Bonnie Rowan O'Sheay (12/12/1998). 

I don't know the above listed folks, but I'm assuming they were given at the same event .

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