[Ansteorra] Last Minute Class!

kc wilde mariferch at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 17 17:55:55 PDT 2004

Hey Everyone!
We had a couple of class cancellations, but I'm delighted to announce that Mistress Jehanne d'Avignon stepped up with a Really Wonderful Class to add to King's College.  This is actually a class created and previously taught by HL Gala, but Jehanne got permission from the very gracious Gala to present it.
It's called ACCESSORIZING COSTUMES and yes, it will change your life!  Well, your SCA life at least.  Think of it as a sort of costume "make-over".  Mistress Jehanne, ably assisted by Mistress Ariella, will show examples of real SCAers (possibly including some now famous individuals) who were COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED from "some guy/girl in a tunic" into people who looked REAL!!!  Real 16th c. Scots, Real La Tene Celts, Real German Merchants, etc.  And its all done with stuff you probably have around the manor (or can easily make or buy).
Isn't that incredible???  What would YOU pay for that kind of knowledge and entertainment?  $29.99?  $19.99?  Forget about it!  It's FREE!!!  (Well, almost free.  The class is free.  The handouts will cost ya!  But not much.  Really.)
As an encore, The Amazing Mistress Jehanne will ACTUALLY shoot a Pomander off Mistress Ariella's head with a crossbow WHILE BLINDFOLDED!!!!
OK, not really.  I made that last part up.  But it sounds good, doesn't it?  Heck, someone bring a crossbow. You might convince her to do it.  Who knows?
King's College Online Registration is now closed, but there's no class limit, so you can just sign up at the gate.  

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