[Ansteorra] My ID stolen from elsewhere

Lady Deirdre ladydeirdre at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 7 19:38:44 PST 2004

As a rule, I consider very bad etiquette (and rude) to send anything at all
to multiple recipients and NOT use blind carbon copy. I also usually delete
anything received as a mass mailing if the sender didn't use blind carbon
copy. I don't even bother to look at it.

Personal opinion and practices


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From: "David Hughes" <davidjhughes.tx at netzero.net>
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> >Someone smarter than I suggested that viruses wouldn't have a chance to
> >things if something called a "blind cc" was used to reply to emails. (I
> >still don't know exactly what that means.)
> >
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> I don't know about Macs, but most modern messaging software has several
> options when you address a message using the address book:
<<<< snip >>>>>

> To:
> cc:
> bcc:
<<<<<<< snip again >>>>>>>>

> bcc: is a Blind Carbon Copy.  It sends a copy of the message, but
> doesn't list the other addresses it was sent to, and  the address you
> sent the bcc to does not appear on the messages sent to  To: or cc:
> recipients.
> The original idea was for business, you could send a message to person
> A, and also send a copy to their supervisor without Person A knowing
> about the copy.
> The suggestion is to use only bcc: as the address, making it more
> difficult for spammers and viruses to "harvest addresses".

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