[Ansteorra] suitable camera for taking pictures inside a museum

fluffy at coxconnect.net fluffy at coxconnect.net
Wed Mar 17 05:57:50 PST 2004

The only thing you realy have to worry about is the reflections from the glass cases. You can use any film orlense type if you don't mind lugging a tripod around. My wife just recently went to NYC for a conference and did the round of some of the museums using a digital camera and a polarizing filter. The filter is what blocks the reflections, by adjusting the filter the light waves that are reflections can be reduced or eliminated giving a clearer picture. Fast film and or big(fast)lenses help by not having to use a tripod and slow shutter speeds. Digital is nice because you can adjust the parameters that control athe speed at which your camera simulates film speed. You can also review your pictures before you move on to something else, so your sure you have a good picture while your still at the display.

P.S. contact me off list for more info.

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