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Wed Mar 17 10:04:11 PST 2004

So, you took the children to Pennsic, but they were the only kids in the camp. The neighbors whooped it up all night, and during the day there was no shady place for nap time. Kids' activities were minimal; aside from a few highlights, your kids were bored and crabby all week. There were classes and battles you wanted to see, but you spent all your time babysitting.

It can be different. I have a vision!

Imagine if even 20 families camped out together with 2 kids each.  Together, we would get a land allotment for 80.

On that vast expanse of land, imagine a wading pool. A sandbox. A puppet theater. A clothesline. A big rented canopy with open sides for napping, and maybe another for cooking.

Imagine a big babysitting co-op. Serve one day, and you're free to go play!

Imagine kid-friendly meals. Volunteer to cook and clean one day, and you're done for the week!

Imagine other children for your kids to play with.  Imagine a big hand-me-down garb exchange. Or a party.

Come dream with us. Come camp with us. Bring your ideas, your creativity, and most of all, your kids!


We now return you to your regularly scheduled pondering of cameras...

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