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Cameron Lewis okrabbit at cox.net
Wed Mar 17 15:15:43 PST 2004

Check about tripods with the museum that you are going through.  I went to
the Houston museum of fine art and had to check my chair that I took to sit
and draw in because the exhibit hall didnt allow tripods inside  (long

Also, if you want to purchase a camera to take and have a computer anyway, a
digital camera is instant gratification.  You can see right away what
picture you got, and if it is right for you, without the heartbreak of
having no film in the camera when taking pictures of Michaelangelo's David
but not knowing until after you have left the museum.  A 4megapixel camera
is supposed to be jsut as good as photo quality and now you can get a small
one for about $300.

  The problem with film on an airplane is that it may get ruined in the
metal detector.  When I went to Italy I put all my film insde a ziplock
baggy and told them to hand check it and took it out of my carry-on for
them.  It never went through a detector and never had a chance to get ruined
that way.  If you take a 35mm camera make sure you take film with you.  You
dont want to run out or to have to buy film in a museum gift shop (I paid
$10 a roll for asa200 outside the Vatican because I wasn't prepared and my
pictures were all shaky)

If you are going to take a film camera and a tripod make sure you buy good
film at a photo store if at all possible.  Tell them what you plan to do and
they can suggest a good film for this.  If you have a tripod and can use it
then you can go to a lower asa rating.  The lower the rating the slower the
film and the better the quality.  If you use asa 200 or lower film, and hold
the camera, the pics will be blurry most of the time.  At asa 400 or 800 you
will get better pictures but they may get grainey and not be as clear in the
final print.  My pictures inside castles were great at asa 400 but the close
up pics inside the museums were not as good.  I can't read the captions on
most of the stuff and it was a bit blurry on some as well but that was
probably the photographer's problem not the films.

If I were to do it over again i would but a good digital camera so I didnt
have the film problem and I would take a laptop to look at the pics before I
left the museum so I would know what I was getting.

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> Greetings to th list-
>     So, I'm going to NYC in two weeks and plan on spending most of that
time inside various museums and art galleries. I was having a camera and
film discussion with my soon to be dead significant other about what camera
would enable me to task good pictures of various objects behind glass
display cases. Keep in mind that no flashes are allowed. The upshot of an
utterly useless conversation was that he couldn't recommend a camera to me
for various reasons the main one being that he felt one should try out a
camera before purchase to see How its going to operate, how the shutters
feel, where the astrological sign were in the sky when that particular
camera was manufactured, etc.
>          I also got an hour long lecture on shutters versus shutter speed,
resolution and lenses, type of camera (digital vs. film) and all the
weakness of the types. Did I mention he's a photo hobbyist. Did I mention
that I considered reaching through the phone an pulling his heart out? My
mother owns an Olympus stylus zoom 70 that she said I could borrow. Will
this hack it? If it won't what do I need to looking for so that I can take
good photos while I've got the opportunity to see this stuff?

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