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> > When you go to some of the museums, check first if they allow tripods.  
> Most of
> > the ones in the New York area don't.

One potential alternative to the tripod is a monopod (and sometimes those 
kinda get ignored when one is using them as a walking aid / cane). Be courteous 
and polite in your usage in any event, and *please* use a non-damaging non-skid 
rubber tip instead of a spike even if outdoors.  Ten million year old rocks 
are just as hard to replace as one-of-a-kind ceramic tiles from the 1500's -- 
read that sentiment as "impossible".

My brudder (KtM) has had pretty good results with monopods in the past, and 
the telescoping function can allow for some useful alternative vantage points 
-- especially if you have a cable release or other remote triggering option.

Amra / Mike / Kihe

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