[Ansteorra] Sad news from Eldern Hills...

Bill and/or Terry Smith wc-tjsmith at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 3 09:07:31 PDT 2004

Greetings unto the Northern Region and all of Ansteorra,
It is my sad duty to inform you all that the founding Baron of the Eldern Hills, HE Arthfael o'Frynmawr, has passed away.  He passed last night(9/2) at approx. 10:30 in the VA hospital in Oklahoma City.  I take great comfort in knowing that he is now walking on 2 good legs and riding any number of awe inspiring Harleys.  I will post more info. on final arrangements as they become available.
In service,
Master Artorius ap Caradoc, OP
3rd Baron of the Eldern Hills

Fortitudo et Honestus

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